Educational Games To Learn About Articles

As soon as your child begins writing the English language, she/he should be taught the rules of grammar. Articles is one of the important topics of grammar which every child should know. Articles are the adjectives that give some information about a noun. Knowledge about the proper use of articles is necessary to speak or write grammatically correct sentences. These educational games will teach kids the articles -’a’ and ‘an’. Kids will learn how and when these articles are to be used in a sentence and will learn to form simple sentences, using these articles.

Lesson About Articles

Articles have a grammatical function of identifying a noun as a noun rather than describing its quality. In these games, kids will learn the articles - ‘a’ and ‘an’. The educational lesson will teach how articles are used in sentences through various examples. The lesson is followed by some practice exercises where kids have to complete sentences with the correct article.

Learn To Write Correct Sentences

Sound knowledge of grammar is essential in order to read, write or speak correctly. These games will introduce kids to an important concept of grammar i.e. articles. Kids will learn to use articles in sentences. This will improve and enhance their writing skills besides developing a good knowledge of grammar. The fun practice exercises of the games will help kids learn and easily understand on their own. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.