Online Reading Games Improve Comprehension

Learning how to read English is only the beginning for children. Just because a child knows how to read words doesn’t mean he understands what he is reading. This is why we offer reading games that encourage understanding, more than just knowing how to read words correctly. These games are reading comprehension games that allow children to better grasp what they are reading instead of mindlessly reading the words with no idea of what they mean. The goal is to help children truly understand what they read, which is a useful skill as they move ahead in life.

Online Comprehension Games

As your child works through our interactive comprehension games, he will learn more about what various words mean and how to determine meaning based on the context in which words are found. By using fun games, your child will learn how to be a better reader without knowing they are working hard. Being able to learn through play allows your child to more fully grasp concepts without feeling overwhelmed by them.

Read and Answer

Our reading games for kids require children of all ages to read through a short story. These stories are written at a variety of skill levels to ensure every child can find one to read. The interactive comprehension games go on to ask questions based on what the child has just read. Being able to answer these questions correctly ensures your child is building his reading comprehension skills, which are necessary to succeed in the later years of school. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.