Some Interesting Games To Learn Prefixes and Suffixes

Teaching kids prefix and suffix could be a great tool to help them expand their vocabulary as well as their knowledge of the English language. A prefix is a group of letters that is attached before the root word while a suffix comes at the end of the root word. Both prefixes and suffixes change or modify the meaning of the root words. Our games will help kids know the rules for usage of prefix and suffix besides introducing them to number of prefix, suffix and root words. Kids will enjoy the exercises where they will have to combine the root words with the correct prefix or suffix. This kind of exercise will help them imbibe the entire concept in an interesting and fun-filled way.

Learn to Use Prefixes and Suffixes

These games are a great way to teach kids prefixes, suffixes and their usage. Knowledge of prefix and suffix will help kids increase their vocabulary as well as build their comprehension skills as they will learn different words and their meaning. Kids will be amazed to learn that how some group of letters when put before or after a root word, can alter its meaning. This game will help kids improve their knowledge of the English language.

Expand Your Vocabulary

This game and the exercises are oriented to increase the vocabulary of kids. When kids will know the usage of prefix and suffix, they can use them in root words and form new words. Kids will love to try forming new words using different prefix and root words. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.