Tenses are taught in the elementary grades in order to help them write and speak more fluently and effectively. Tenses are the verb forms to designate the time of a particular action, such as the past, present, and future. There are many variations of tenses in the English language, and many find that tenses can be confusing at times, especially the English Language Learner. This is because there is more to tenses than just past, present, and future. Even though past, present, and future tenses are instructed, there are many variations and specific tenses for each basic tense that are learned in later grades. Many languages utilize tense forms to refer to time, and other languages have no tenses whatsoever. With online games, tenses can be reinforced in a fun and motivating way!

Present Tense

Students learn about the present tense, and some believe this is the easiest tense of all. In the elementary grades, the teachers focus on the simple present tense to get the students started on learning the variety of tenses. The present tense refers to “right now” and the verbs used are always stated in the present. In the classroom, the teacher models the correct usage of present tense and the students practice using worksheets, speaking, and reading passages with the present tense. Online games for emphasizing the present tense of the English language are plentiful, and vary from filling in the present tense or choosing the correct present tense verb. The colorful and interactive games allow the student to have fun while practicing.

Past Tense

Past tense is another form of verb tense taught in elementary school. It refers to what has happened in the past; any action or event that occurred in earlier time. Teachers teach simple past tense along with the other tenses, and they instruct students how to speak in the past tense and how to incorporate past tense verbs into their writing. The students in the classroom work on this concept using worksheets, oral language activities, and reading various texts written in the past tense. Online games help students at home or at school with this concept, and games include choosing the appropriate past tense verb in a fun, interactive setting and typing in the proper past tense verbs into the blanks on the games. Motivating computer games help the students master the skill of using past tense!

Future Tense

The future tense of verbs is used to reveal what may happen in the future. The verbs in the future tense are imparted to the students in the classroom, and the instructor focuses on the simple future tense. In school, the instructor has the students become familiar with the future tense by doing various oral language activities, worksheets, writing practice, and reading stories written in the future tense. The online computer games allow the student to practice the usage of the future tense from home or at school. Interactive and enjoyable games help build confidence in the student as they become more familiar with the usage of the future tense, and will also assist them in being successful when speaking and writing.
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