Sight Words and Learning to Read

When children are learning to read, they typically learn the letter sounds and how to sound out words first. While this works for a large portion of the English language, there are also many words that do not sound the same way they are spelled. Children must memorize these sight words to help them learn how to read. At Turtle Diary, we offer online sight words games that will help children learn which words are considered sight words and what they sound like so they can read more easily.

Age-Appropriate Games

While some sight words are easy to identify for young children, particularly those who are in kindergarten, there are others that must wait a couple of years. We offer online sight words games for children who are at varying levels of learning, from kindergarten through second grade. Each level of learning provides sight words games that help children gain a better grasp of the English language so they are able to read better.

Encourage Learning

Learning to read can sometimes be a difficult process for children, especially when they realize there are exceptions to the basic rules of the English language. Our online sight words worksheets and games provide you with all the tools you need to help children grasp these concepts more easily to encourage learning. Learning how to read can become easier and more fun when parents and teachers provide fun online games that help children identify sight words and immediately know how to read them for more effective reading and reading comprehension. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.