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Learn the Life Cycle of Animals Through Games

A life cycle means the various stages of life of a living thing. Understanding the lifecycle of an animal and remembering the names of the various stages can be a difficult task for kids as they cannot grasp the concept completely by mere reading about it. Keeping that in mind, these online games explain the concept of a life cycle through a simple animated lesson, which kids can easily comprehend. Here, kids can learn about the life cycle of a butterfly, frog and plant as well as the food chain. Each game also contains practice exercises at the end.

Learn About Life Cycles

These games have been especially designed to help kids understand the concept of a life cycle. Kids will learn about the life cycle of a plant, butterfly and frog besides the water cycle. Each lesson is presented through animation which kids will find interesting and easy to understand. Through these games kids will learn the names of the various stages of a life cycle. The image sequences, in animation, will help kids remember each and every stage of the life cycle.

Understand Natural Processes

A topic like ‘life cycle’ can best be understood only through animation. Kids actually see the different stages happening right before their eyes and can, therefore, easily remember the sequence of the images of the life cycle . The animation in these games has very well depicted each and every stage of a life cycle. Kids will learn how a tiny seed grows into a complete plant. In the water cycle game, kids will learn about the different water bodies, the entire process responsible for the continuous movement of water on earth and many new terms associated with it. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.