Life Cycle Of Animals - Science Games

In the classroom, the life cycle of animals are discussed, sometimes in detail. However, remembering the order or the names of the different stages can be confusing for children. Turtle Diary has created life cycle games to help ensure your child "gets" the information. Each game comes complete with a lesson, exercises, and the game itself. These are developed to work in conjunction with your child's school lessons. This way, the material is reinforced. In addition, children will have a fantastic time playing the games and will not even realize that they are mastering a subject in science.


The animation and bright colors in the games are designed to attract the attention of children. As children learn about the life cycles of animals, they are also improving concentration and memory skills. The games require hand-eye coordination to play.

The game "Frog Life Cycle" gives a brief lesson and then moves to two exercises. One exercise has your child label the frog life cycle diagram. The second exercise asks them to list the different stages in order. After the exercises comes the actual game. Your child will enjoy helping their frog jump to all of the stones in the puzzle. The "Butterfly Life Cycle" game has a similar layout.

Logical Thinking Skills

To complete the quizzes and puzzles, logical thinking skills are necessary. Not only will subject matter be improved on, but also those necessary thinking skills. As children progress they strength their memory.

Your child may want to review the lesson and play the game repeatedly. This is a great indicator that they are mastering the subject matter. You may wish to join your child during the lesson to answer any questions they may have. © 2015. All Rights Reserved.