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Match the Vegetable

Hi Kids!
Look at these vegetables of many colors, size and shape! They are parts of a plant like a root, stem and so on. Let us learn about some of these, today.

This is a carrot. Carrots are tap roots that are grown under the ground. They usually come in orange color. Carrot is a delicious vegetable that is enjoyed in all kinds of dishes and is amongst the most eaten foods everywhere.

This is broccoli. It is dark green in color and closely resembles a cauliflower. Broccoli makes our body strong and healthy. You can enjoy this yummy and healthy vegetable best in winters!

These are peas. These are sweet, delicious vegetables that come in a pea pod. Pea pods grow on climbing plants. Peas are eaten raw and also used in many foods. Hot and steamy green pea soup is one of the most popular and healthy dishes enjoyed in cold winters.

This is a pumpkin. Looks familiar? That's right! You use it for decoration on Halloween and also enjoy it in many desserts like pies and cakes. Pumpkins are orange in color and come in huge sizes.

This is a tomato. It is round, red and juicy! Tomatoes also come in yellow color and are of different shapes too. They add a lot of rich flavor and color to many dishes. Tomatoes are excellent for our eyesight.

These are potatoes. They come in a variety of colors, from creamy-to-white, yellow, red and even purple! They are of different shapes and sizes. Potatoes give our body many nutrients and are enjoyed in many dishes.

These are beans. They grow on climbing plants and contain kidney-shaped seeds. Beans are usually green in color, but they are found in other colors as well. Beans are a healthy, tasty and nutritious vegetable.

This a cauliflower. Like it's name suggests, it looks like a white, creamy flower. Cauliflowers are good for our body and are enjoyed raw, steamed, or cooked.

This is an onion. Onions are actually bulbs formed at the bases of their long green leaves. They come in different colors like red, white, yellow and brown. Onions have healing powers that can cure many illnesses.

This is a cucumber! It is green on the outside and white on the inside. Cucumbers are 96% water and they keep our body cool and refreshed. They are best eaten raw.

To stay fit and healthy, we should eat a balanced diet. It should include fruits and vegetables of different colors. They prevent us from falling ill. They heal us when we get hurt. It's a good idea to put some fruit and vegetable in every meal. Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy! © 2014. All Rights Reserved.