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Naming Words

Everything around us has a name. The food we eat like apples, bananas, bread, chocolate are names of things. Table, chair, bed, flower, tree, shirt, shoes are all names of things.
Name the things that you have in your school bag. Books, pencil.... These are all names of things. They are things as they can not eat, drink or move like people and animals.
Naming words of people are like girl, man, doctor. Are you a girl or a boy?
Can you name the people who keep us safe or help us when our car or bus gets stuck in the traffic on the road? Yes, the name is: policeman!
All kinds of animals have names like a dog, cat, pig... Can you tell the names of animals that you have seen in the zoo?
Places also have names. School, home and America are all names of places. Do you know the name of the place where you live?
Nouns: Naming words of people, animal, places and things are called nouns. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.