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Plant Life Cycle

How about a lesson on farming, today?
Seeds- We take seeds of the plant we would like to grow and put them in a pit in the ground.
Water- The seeds must be covered with soil. They have to be watered regularly to help them grow into new plants.
Roots- As the baby plant grows, the outer hard shell of the seed becomes soft, and roots emerge from the seed.
Stem- Soon the stem grows out of the seed and we can see the young plant coming out of the ground.
Leaf- As the stem grows, we can see many leaves emerging on the plant.
Bud- Small buds also appear on the plant. These buds open up and become flowers.
As the flowers grow, they are pollinated and become fruits. In these fruits, we can find the seeds of this plant. These seeds have a baby plant each. Now you know how a plant grows. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.