Turtle Diary


When a word is made up of two or more words, it is called a compound word. We can form compound words by combining two or more words. We do not change the words to create a compound word.

Compound words are written in different ways:

1. As a single word.
table + cloth = tablecloth

2. As two separate words.

health + care = health care

3. With a hyphen.
time + limit = time-limit

Compound words are mostly nouns, adjectives and verbs.

1. Compound Nouns may be formed from:

Noun+Noun: fireman, armchair, wallpaper, pigtail, ladybug, classroom, fire-fly.
Verb+Noun: scarecrow, breakfast, daredevil, crossword.
Adjective+Noun: hardware, software, nobleman, blackboard.
Verb+Adverb: drop-out, lock-up, send-off, drawback.
Adverb+Verb: intake, upkeep, outcome, outset.

2.Compound Adjectives may be formed from:

Adjective +Adjective: red-hot, dull-gray, blue-black, white-hot.
Noun+Adjective: snow-white, sky-blue, lifelong, world-wide, headstrong.

3.Compound Verbs may be formed from

Adjective+Verb: blacklist, safe-guard, fulfill, whitewash.
Noun+Verb: earmark, waylay, browbeat.
Adverb+ Verb: overtake, undergo, upset.

Sometimes more than two words are joined together.

1. man-of-war
2. will-o'-the-wisp

Compound words are a basic concept in the English language, and people use them every day. Studying compound words helps to understand the language and builds an interest in words.