Teachers instruct all of the parts of speech in elementary school, and these include the adjective. Adjectives are words that are used to describe something, either a person or thing, within a sentence. Adjectives are very important for the students to know, especially in their writing. Learning to incorporate adjectives into their writing is vital to being a successful writer. Adjectives enhance the students’ writing and speaking and give the audience that they are speaking or writing to a more interesting piece to read or listen to. Adjectives add flair, and the more interesting describing words the children can use within their work, the better!

Adjectives Worksheets

Adjectives worksheets make learning adjectives easy. Turtle Diary has many adjectives worksheets available for the students to practice their usage of these descriptive words. Adjectives worksheets allow for the students to become more familiar with this part of speech, and in turn become better readers and writers. Adjectives worksheets are a great tool for the students so they can learn to recognize adjectives within their reading and to use them when they write. Adjectives worksheets can be fill in the blank or contain adjectives within a sentence for the students to identify, and these teaching tools will reinforce what has been taught in the classroom. Practicing the usage of adjectives will allow for the students to become more familiar with this part of speech!

List of Adjectives

There are so many adjectives out there in our English language, and the list of adjectives could go on forever! There are thousands of words on the list of adjectives in the English language. The list of adjectives is used to provide descriptions of nouns (people, places, and things) such as which, what, whose, how many, or what type. Teachers can give students a list of adjectives to help them generate words within their writing to make it more beneficial to the reader. When students are familiar with the list of adjectives, they have the ability to identify them within a story or any text. A list of adjectives can be given to the students that contain very common adjectives that the students can incorporate into their writing and speaking. The students can choose from a list of adjectives which ones to use to enhance their work. Also, teachers can give a different list of adjectives to different students by degree of difficulty in order to challenge those who are proficient writers and speakers or to remediate those who need a little extra help. Either way, allowing the students to use a list of adjectives to help them with their language assignment will give the support the students need. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.