The alphabet is crucial to young children as they start school. Recognizing the individual alphabet letters is the first step children usually take to learn to read, along with learning the individual sounds (phonemes) of the letters. Children of preschool age enjoy learning the 26 letters of our alphabet, which makes up our English language. The alphabet contains consonants and vowels and the consonants have a concrete, hard sound, such as the letters k and t in kite, and the vowels have soft sounds, such as with the i in kite. Sometimes, the letter e, which is a vowel, is silent in some words when it is at the end and follows a consonant. The alphabet also has uppercase letters, or capital letters, and lowercase letters. Children enjoy learning the alphabet, and with Turtle Diary, they can learn the alphabet while having fun!

Alphabet with Pictures

Using the alphabet with pictures is a great way to introduce the alphabet. The alphabet with pictures has the alphabet letter and the picture that has the beginning sound of the letter. Children learn to recognize the beginning sounds of words this way, and having a visual of the letter and picture together makes the connection easier. There are many activities that introduce and reinforce the concept of the alphabet with pictures, and teachers and parents use them to help the children become familiar with the letters and the sounds of the individual letters. Using the alphabet with pictures is a great way to begin teaching phonics and matching skills. It is also a perfect way to increase vocabulary because the students need to recognize that actual picture and say the word of each picture. Turtle Diary has worksheets and online educational games that feature the alphabet with pictures.

Printable Alphabet Worksheets

Turtle Diary has many printable alphabet worksheets for younger children. Printable alphabet worksheets are fun for the little ones to do, as this is usually their first experience with worksheets. Printable alphabet worksheets are detailed and have the letters on them so the student can see them and learn to recognize them. Students can learn how to follow directions, increase their fine motor skills by writing on them, and practice matching the letters to either the lowercase to the uppercase or to the picture with the beginning sound. Children can practice their handwriting of the letters on printable alphabet worksheets and color the picture that begins with the letter. These printable alphabet worksheets are a great way to get the little ones off to a successful beginning in school and also allow them to get extra practice at home. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.