Comprehension is the act of understanding what is being read while reading. Comprehension is an ability that needs to be developed as children must be able to think about what is happening in the story while they are reading it. Comprehension takes a lot of practice and is accomplished in conjunction with reading fluency and accuracy. The ability of understanding the meaning of the text is gained from the interaction between prior knowledge of the subject, interest of the subject, and how the written words generate meaning outside of the actual text, such as in the students’ experiences. Also, comprehension is taught through making predictions about the text before it is read and asking questions about what will happen next during reading. Teachers begin teaching comprehension and allowing the students to have experiences in increasing their comprehension at an early age because it does take time to develop. Comprehension in reading is essential for reading success!

Comprehension Activities

Proficient reading depends on the ability to recognize words quickly and effortlessly. Comprehension activities begin in preschool and kindergarten for some schools with fun stories and retelling of the stories. For comprehension activities, teachers use retellings (including the beginning, middle, and end of the story), acting out the stories through puppetry and plays, songs, and sequencing using pictures. There is a great deal of comprehension activities that meet the needs of the learners, and both teachers and parents work with the children to help them develop this vital skill. Comprehension activities begin to take place within the classroom in the very early grades because it takes some time for children to mature in the area of comprehending both fiction and non-fiction readings. Language Arts blocks of instruction are immersed in reading and writing and different types of comprehension activities.

Free Comprehension Worksheets

Teachers use free comprehension worksheets to give the students practice in the area of reading comprehension. These free comprehension worksheets contain text, such as short selections and stories to have the students read. Free comprehension worksheets are available on a variety of reading levels so they can be differentiated for proper instruction and effectiveness. Comprehension worksheets have questions for the students to answer during and after reading to check for understanding and can be found on Turtle Diary on a variety of reading levels. Teachers utilize free comprehension worksheets to give the students practice in the area of reading comprehension on their specific reading levels, so these free comprehension worksheets can be individualized for proper and effective instruction. Free comprehension worksheets are an effective educational tool for parents and teachers alike, as they can be used in the classroom and at home for extra practice or enrichment. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.