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Conjunctions Worksheets to Help With Sentence Construction

Conjunctions, simply stated, are joiners – words that take two separate clauses and join them into one sentence. Our conjunctions worksheets are designed to help kids understand simple conjunctions like “and” and “but,” and how they work in sentence construction.Sometimes, this can be hard for a kid to understand, but with the use of a good teaching aid, it can be made easier. Our worksheets make use of text and graphics in ways that are extremely effective in helping kids learn how conjunctions work.

Worksheets to Practice and Perform

Understanding conjunctions isn’t just about learning how to use them to join clauses. It’s also important that kids know how to break down sentences into individual clauses that can actually be sentences in and of themselves.

We know that kids learn visually, so we’ve designed our worksheets to employ fun, colorful illustrations that help kids grasp key concepts. When they can “see” concepts like “the dog AND the cat,” they begin to understand how conjunctions work. Our worksheets use illustrations that kids can relate to, and they facilitate learning by asking them to fill in the conjunction between two brightly colored illustrations. Some exercises are more text-based, asking kids to remove the conjunction and create two separate sentences. As an example, “Wake up Sam and get him ready for school” becomes “Wake up Sam. Get him ready for school.” Examples are always ones that kids can understand.

Our worksheets are printer-friendly, so you can use them as often as your child needs. They can do the exercises repeatedly, taking all the time that they need in order to understand how conjunctions work – after all, practice makes perfect. The vocabulary skills kids will learn with our conjunction worksheets will build skills that will help them to succeed in the higher grades. © 2015. All Rights Reserved.