Phonics is a technique used by teachers to teach reading and writing by increasing the students’ phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness is the hearing, identifying, and manipulating the individual sounds within words. The students, through phonics, learn that there is a connection between the different sounds and the way words are spelled. Blending the sounds together is instructed when teachers teach phonics, and as the students slowly say the words, they focus on the sounds within the words. The more they do this, the easier it is for them to begin to identify and recognize word patterns. Phonics is an important part in learning to read, and begins in the very early grades as phonemic awareness, as the students begin to identify the individual phonemes within words. Teachers teach phonics in many different ways, and phonics is instructed and focused on during the language arts section in many classrooms.

Phonics Worksheets and Activities

Phonics worksheets and activities are items that can increase the students’ knowledge of phonics by having them complete the exercises given. They are available on Turtle Diary, and give the students that extra boost in the area of phonics, thus helping them be better readers and spellers. Many teachers teach phonics to help students become the best readers they can be. The teachers also teach phonics so the students can be proficient in the area of spelling, because knowing how to decode words in isolation and within context is imperative to being a successful reader, and having the knowledge to spell words according to the individual sounds also contributes to great reading and spelling. Phonics worksheets and activities are the ideal way to give students much needed reinforcement and practice in the area of phonics, and they are available on many different levels of instruction. Teachers are able to differentiate their instruction effectively with the use of phonics worksheets and activities.

Phonics for Kids

Phonics for kids is an effective way to teach children to read. Children must learn sight words to be able to read efficiently, accurately, and with fluency. By learning the sight words (the most common words found in text) the students will increase their reading ability and become more confident in this area, which is imperative to being a successful student. Phonics for kids can be taught in isolation, such as in a single word format, or within reading a story as well as within their writing. There are many different ways teachers can teach phonics, and they can find a wide selection of phonics for kids’ resources within Turtle Diary. Parents and teachers know the importance of phonics for kids in helping the children be the best reader that they can be! © 2014. All Rights Reserved.