Building Sentences

Building sentences is the task of taking what a student wants to say and transferring that statement to the paper in the form of print. Building sentences can be a challenge for early learners. Beginning in Kindergarten, children learn how to write sentences according to what they have to say. Many times, the child will say something and write down what they have to say to see the relationship of the spoken word to the written sentence. Teachers teach the skill of building sentences in many ways. Using manipulatives, such as word cards or sentence strips; magnetic words, worksheets, online educational games, writing sentences on paper, and more is done in the classroom to teach the concept of building sentences. Building sentences allows the students to develop their writing skills, and before they know it they will be writing sentences that make sense while delivering information to the reader of their choice.

Writing Sentences

In the early primary years, children learn to write basic sentences. Writing sentences takes time to develop because the students must make the connection to what they say to what they write on paper. Writing sentences can be a challenge at first, but with practice in the classroom and at home, they will be able to write basic sentences that can be understood by any reader. Writing sentences consists of starting each sentence with a capital letter and ending each sentence with punctuation, such as a period, exclamation mark, or even a question mark. Teachers teach the students to write sentences by modeling how to write them every day, working with students in small groups, having the students read many stories and identifying the many sentences within those stories, playing sentence-making games, and much more. Journaling is also an effective way in teaching children to write sentences. Students love writing sentences on topics that they enjoy, and journaling allows this to happen. In addition to these teaching techniques, teachers can take advantage of the many activities on writing sentences on Turtle Diary!

Sentences Worksheets

Sentences worksheets are a fabulous way to have children practice writing proper sentences. Sentences worksheets consist of topics for the student to write about, pre-written sentences that are “out of order” for the students to put the words back in order for them to make sense, or simply worksheets that give the students plenty of writing space to create their own sentences. Children enjoy doing sentences worksheets because once they begin writing sentences they get excited about writing down on paper what they want to communicate. Sentences worksheets are used during the school day and can also be completed at home for homework. Students can learn a great deal about writing sentences with sentences worksheets and once they become familiar with writing sentences, they will be on to the next step: writing paragraphs! © 2014. All Rights Reserved.