Bored of Addition Already? Discover the Fun Way of Adding with Our Addition Worksheets

Addition skills are a must for children. However, penning down a few sums and expecting your child to react enthusiastically is close to impossible. Here at, we believe in adding the fun factor to everything related to math. This is why we proudly present teachers and parents alike with a large number of addition worksheets that help children at different levels learn and hone their addition skills. With fun added to the little ones’ learning process, rest assured that they won’t grow up hating mathematics.

Why Learn and Practice Addition Facts

One of the questions your student or child is bound to hurl at you is, “Why should I learn addition?” Before you answer with something as generic as “you’ll need it in life,” here are the top 5 benefits of addition you can share with them:

1. It makes buying stuff easier, so rather than saying “one lollipop” four times, you can confidently say “four lollipops, please”.

2. It helps you properly operate your computer because it runs on the concept of addition.

3. It helps you measure a lot of things, such as how many juice cups you’ll need for your next party.

4. It allows you to get better at math because you need to add one thing or another during class.

5. It helps you remember how many days you have to go before your next birthday. After all, you need to remind your parents that they owe you a huge cake and a memorable birthday party!

Start Learning the Fun Way with’s Free Printable Addition Facts Sheets

Once your little one is enthusiastic and geared up to start learning addition, don’t disappoint them by writing down sums on a piece of paper. Wow them with our free printable addition fact sheets.
Our worksheets are designed for kindergarten students aged 5-6 and all the way to first graders between 6-7 years. Through these exercises, students can learn how to add with pictures, color by adding, count down, and add one and two-digit numbers.
With Turtle Diary’s addition worksheets, rest assured that children will start on the right foot with math and love you for it.
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