Teach Angle Measurement to Your Students with or without Using a Protractor knows exactly how hard measuring angles can be, whether for the young student learning them or the teacher trying to explain them. This is why we offer numerous free worksheets to help your student or child practice this basic, yet very important geometrical skill.

Why Learn Angles

Every teacher or parent is bound to have one child question them about the importance of angles. Now you can always answer them with generic statements like “angles are all around you”, but you know very well that these will never satisfy your little inquisitive student. To help you reply quickly and win the child over, here are 5 benefits of angles you should share with them:

1. Aside from circles and ovals, every other shape has a number of angles. The triangle has three while the square flaunts four.

2. Pilots need to know about angles to properly take off and land the planes. Getting the wrong angle can cost pilots their lives and those of others on their planes.

3. Some things require angles to function properly. For example, if you place a ladder straight or at a very small angle, you won’t be able to use it whereas leaning it against the wall at a 75 degree angle will help you go up.

4. Doctors need to know the right angle to perform tasks like withdrawing blood without causing pain.

5. You should learn your angles to be able to properly play strategy games like Angry Birds.

Discover the World of Angles with Our Measuring Angles Practice Worksheets

Angles are everywhere, so you need to coax your child into learning them. To further ensure that they quickly develop this important skill, give’s measuring angles practice worksheets a try.

Designed for Grade 3 students aged 8-9, our free worksheets will complement your lesson plan and teach the little ones important angle measurement skills. You can even use our multiple-choice question sheets to conduct small quizzes that help you assess your students’ understanding.

In addition to being informative, our worksheets are fun for the little ones. Due to their graphics, colors and crisp diagrams, our worksheets guarantee that your young students will never complain about being bored. On the contrary, rest assured that they’ll ask for more.

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