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Elementary-age children sometimes have trouble with schoolwork that focuses on a concept they can’t immediately see. This type of issue can arise in math, when concepts like perimeter, area, and volume challenge students to think beyond the numbers on the page.

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Often, what helps students most is dividing a problem into its most basic parts.’s Area Worksheets are concise and straightforward, asking children to focus on one element at a time.

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From multiple-choice questions, to questions that require calculation, these worksheets provide thorough area and perimeter practice. At the same time, they don’t overwhelm young learners with too much information.

There are several Area Worksheets for third graders, and many related worksheets where students can practice similar skills. No matter what subject your child is struggling with, has everything you can use to help make the concepts easier.

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The Finding Area Worksheets also prepare students for the story problems they're likely encounter in the future. For example, one sheet asks learners to find the total area of two objects, with the separate dimensions of both objects listed. Other questions ask students to work backwards, giving them the total area of an object and either the length or the width. By filling-in the incomplete information, students are growing the skills needed to solve tomorrow’s more complex problems. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.