bar-graphs Makes Understanding a Bar Graph Easier

First grade math students learn actively if they have a clear visual of a mathematical concept. When learning about different amounts of something, for example, a bar graph is a helpful aid in showing how the numbers stack up and relate to each other, and we have found many ways of making these concepts easy for children of all ages to understand.

Graphing Worksheets on offers different bar graph worksheets for students in grade 1, who are usually around six or seven years old and just starting to comprehend simple data and amounts. By putting the data into a clear visual space, the graphing worksheets make it easier for students to identify, count and organize the information.

Many of these worksheets utilize coloring, a perennial favorite for first-graders. After comparing tally marks, students are tasked with filling in the bars on the graphs themselves; as a result, they are not simply viewing bar graphs but creating them as well. These graphing sheets make learning fun.

Make Data Presentation Fun for Your Child with's Help

Several of these worksheets ask students to build a vertical graph, while the others feature horizontal bar graphs. This helps students recognize that the key aspect of a graph is the comparison of quantities. At, students can practice skills such as addition, subtraction, telling time, fractions, Venn diagrams, and much more. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.