When students measure or estimate the chances of something happening, they are studying probability. In the elementary grades, probability is a concept that can be confusing to children at times. Probability introduces vocabulary that the students may have knowledge of, but not necessarily in the mathematics setting. These vocabulary terms associated with probability are: impossible, definitely, likely, most likely, and least likely. Probability is best taught using hands-on activities, such as choosing a particular item out of many (such as blocks, coins, or other small objects), using games with spinners, rolling dice, and computer activities. Probability begins as a basic skill and becomes more advanced as the students get involved with the concept, such as adding more items to certain samples. Utilizing online computer games to learn about or reinforce probability is a great way for the students to understand this concept!

Probability word problems

Even basic word problems can be quite intimidating to some, and probability word problems can definitely be a challenge to some students. Basic probability word problems give the students a specific situation and ask the students to solve the problems by determining the chances of something happening. In order to solve probability word problems, students must be learning or have learned the concept of probability. Once the students learn probability, and how to figure out basic probability problems, they will then move on to probability word problems. Probability word problems can be found on worksheets, in the math textbook, and online computer games. They range from easy to more difficult which can either remediate or challenge given students in this area. These word problems relate to real-world experiences, as does probability itself, and practicing probability word problems will help the students be successful in this area of mathematics.

Probability worksheets

Teachers use probability worksheets to introduce, continue, and reinforce the concept of probability. Probability worksheets are great tools to use in the classroom and there are many to choose from. Teachers use many ways to teach mathematics’ skills, as children learn in different ways. When teachers use probability worksheets on various levels, they can also be paired with manipulatives to help the students work out the problems. Students can also take home probability worksheets to get extra help at home, and probability worksheets can be found in teaching materials or downloaded from the many mathematics websites online. In addition to probability worksheets, other teaching techniques are used; such as online computer games, partner games using spinners and dice, and individual hands-on activities using math manipulatives. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.