Animal Facts

Children love learning about animals. Animal facts excite them, as many make connections to animals they have seen in their homes, on a farm, out and about in their community, or in a zoo. Learning about animal facts gives students the knowledge about how different animals eat, animal habitats, lifestyles, and the various body functions and appearance that animals possess. There are many characteristics of the different groups of animals, and animal facts are used to allow the students to be familiar with the different groups of animals and the various species. When learning about animal facts, the students are able to compare and contrast different types of animals, thus stating the similarities and differences of the animals’ way of life. When students investigate what is similar and different about animals, they increase their knowledge of specific animals as well as the animals that are within that group or species. When learning about animal facts students increase their schematic knowledge, thus allowing them to apply this knowledge to other animal systems. Teachers teach animal facts as a part of the curriculum and students learn about animal facts to increase their well-roundedness as individuals.

Animals for Kids

Elementary students learn about animals of all types, including the many mammals in our world, the reptiles and amphibians, fish, birds, and even insects. Centering many lessons on animals for kids makes the school day enjoyable, as so many children are fascinated by animals. Animals for kids allow the students to become familiar with the many groups and species of the animals in our world. Students enjoy learning about animals for kids through online games, such as on Turtle Diary, that are colorful and interactive, and these online games can be used in the classroom or at home. Students learn a very large amount of material throughout their school career, and animals for kids is an area where students can intermix their background knowledge of science, social studies, and reading.

Animals Worksheets

Teachers use animals worksheets in the classroom to reinforce the different concepts taught about animals. Animals worksheets can be found in the many teacher curriculum guides or online. Children use animals worksheets to help in their understanding of animal lifestyles, their habitats, the food they eat, and their bodily functions. There are animals worksheets of all types, from many types of mammals to birds. Animals worksheets allow the students to investigate the special qualities of different groups and species, and allows them to see what make certain animals unique. Children learn about animals all through school, and in different grades learn about different types of beings. Animals worksheets are available on many grade levels, so the specific animal group that is being studied can have animals worksheets for the students to practice knowledge demonstration or take an assessment. Animals worksheets are detailed and colorful and are used for filling in the blanks, matching activities, and more. Animals worksheets can be completed online or printed out for use. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.