Preschool Word Games

Preschoolers will be quick to grasp letters and words with our preschool language games. Preschool alphabet games will help kids to identify alphabets and learn to write uppercase and lowercase letters, in an easy fashion. Other preschool learning games will teach kids the basics of phonics, enable them to learn simple words, identify and name objects, people and places around them and thereby develop their vocabulary.

Preschool English Games

Language is the foundation on which the learning of a kid begins. The thinking procedure and communication are also developed on the basis of the same. Pre-School is the perfect place where kids learn English. To strengthen the base of language, we, at Turtle Diary provide a wide variety of language games that would guide parents and teachers on how to develop their ability of understanding the language and its usage. Most kids have the ability to make sense of what they are doing and pick up the language while indulging in activities.

Kids love to play and we ensure that they unconsciously pick up the language while playing. Our learning games are a fun way to invest time in learning. Before really beginning to read, preschool kids learn many language skills and concepts through easy-to-play games. Our interactive (voiced) games help kids to learn correct phonetic sounds of letters and the correct pronunciation of words. The animated visual images capture their attention. Even the kids who find the language difficult to learn can also learn the language easily, as they can play the game over and over again soon developing an understanding of the language and its usage. Picture clues make the process of learning the language simple and exciting. Let your child learn while he plays.

Language games support children's holistic learning and development. They provide excitement and fun to language learning lightening the stress and enabling children to concentrate on picking up the language. Interactive games help the kids in comprehension and also in sharpening their language skills. Games are designed keeping in mind the kid's short attention span. Easy-to-read text is simple, engaging and fun for preschoolers. Let your kid develop and build English language skills through's exciting online language games and activities.

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