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Introduce the kids to new exciting ways of learning with the help of our games, lessons, videos, practice, puzzles, experiments, stories, and a lot more, and give them the best educational experience ever!

Math Games

Math skill building games for kids on counting, comparing groups, identifying shapes, addition, subtraction, place-value models, fractions, graphs, multiplication facts, geometry and more.

Language Arts Games

Wide range of grammar and vocabulary exercises include alphabets, phonics, spelling, reading, vowels, nouns, verbs, word games, comprehensions, punctuation, adjectives and more.


A complete pronunciation guide on letter sounds including consonants, short and long vowels, digraphs, diphthongs, and variant vowels, thereby developing kids' ability to hear, understand, and use phonemes.

Science Games

Interactive science activities for kids include lessons on animal kingdom, life science, matter, energy, environmental science, earth science, weather, amazing facts and more.


Read the biographies of famous people who have changed our world. These biographies will allow kids to learn how these people overcame obstacles to become successful.


Read, explore, and learn about different sports. From history to the origin of a sport, from the knowledge of various sports personalities to the rules of a game, the sports section has it all.

kids worksheets

Fun stress-free worksheets for kids include alphabet, language arts, math, handwriting, spelling, grammar, comprehension, science, English crosswords, word search and more.

kids stories

Learn how to read with our online interactive books. Teach children to read with phonics and make words. Read rhyming stories, moral stories and more.

Fun & Puzzles

Kids' skill building games and puzzles include jigsaw, crossword, word search, maze, Sudoku, memory games, multiplayer games, board games and more to build motor skills and reflexes.


A range of interesting animated videos that have been created to allow your tiny toddlers build strong educational skills. Watch the videos to learn alphabets, numbers and much more.


Cool kids' science experiments like sound waves, hot air balloon, rainbow, floating egg, defying gravity, mixing colors, sediments, seed germination, ice and salt and more.


Fun jigsaw puzzles for kids include alphabet jigsaw, number jigsaw, animal jigsaw, shapes jigsaw, transports jigsaw, flowers jigsaw, sports jigsaw, occupations jigsaw, jigsaw wonders and more.

art & crafts

Easy to do craft projects for kids like coloring pages, masks, origami, paper crafts, cut and paste, finger puppets, themed art and craft, card making and more.

kids videos

Fun and educational videos for kids include animated lessons on health, technology, English, math, science, social studies, history, geography and more.
Online Kids Educational Games - Taking Learning to a Whole New Level!
At Turtle Diary, our mission is simple - to make learning fun for the little ones! We acknowledge the significance of elementary education, and therefore, are dedicated to conceptualizing ingeniously designed online learning kids games and activities that provide a fun and easy way for kids to develop a comprehensive understanding of concepts in Math, Science, Language, Social Studies, Creativity and Logic, helping them excel in all walks of life. In our extensive range of online kids educational games, you can find skill building games, puzzle games, animated lesson plans, printable worksheets, interactive storybooks, art and craft activities, and various other remarkable learning options. All online kids games are created by a team of skilled educators and child psychology experts who come together to ensure all the games deliver an enriching and enjoyable learning experience.
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1,000+ Interactive Online Kids Games, Video Resources, Science Experiments and Much More!

All online kids games featured at are designed to bring out the best in kids and help them solve problems faster. Whether the need is to consolidate Math fundamentals or take the first step towards learning the English language with an ABC game, our online kids games listing features an extensive variety of games that are especially designed to help your kids with all streams of elementary education.

Simpler Learning Better Results

Turtle Diary offers a wealth of tools to make learning easier, simpler and more enjoyable. Parents and teachers can use our especially made lesson plans and ready-to-use resources to streamline their teaching. With the help of our resources, games, and activities, it will be a whole lot easier for educationists to edify the kids and nurture them into smart and cultured individuals.

Educational Games for Kids of All Ages

To ensure that Turtle Diary is indeed the ultimate destination for online elementary education games, our listing has numerous games for kids of all ages. Ranging from preschool learning games to kindergarten games in math and science, and first grade spelling games to second grade language games for reading help, our games and activities that are especially conceptualized to complement the learning capabilities of kids from different age groups.

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