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Online Games for Kids

At turtlediary, child experts and educators design interactive online games for kids. Our learning games for kids help in building skills needed for success in school. While playing our fun educational games, kids learn to read with phonics, build skills in math, language, social studies, science and much more. Our educational videos encourage children to keep learning, even after school hours.

Interesting animated videos to lay a strong educational foundation for toddlers. Catchy video presentation makes learning easy, engaging and fun for kids. Simplified concepts help kids grasp and understand better.

Preschool Games

Promotes the idea that learning is fun. Animated games and activities build skills that kids need, to succeed in school. The simple approach suits a child’s tender mind. A program to give kids an early head-start to their education.

Online Kindergarten Games

A broad based program to develop a kid’s natural curiosity. It gives an insight into the world they live in. It lays the foundation for all future learning. Interactive games and activities impart knowledge and develop concepts and skills.

First Grade Games Online

Kids are seen as competent and are encouraged to be curious. Lively and informative lessons, innovative fun games and activities provide a rich source of learning to first graders. They instill and develop critical concepts and skills in kids.

Second Grade Computer Games

Lessons have a fresh and stimulating approach. Extensive fun games, activities and worksheets enhance the ability to think and solve problems. Besides gaining knowledge kids get an opportunity to apply it in real life situations.

Third Grade Computer Games

Online educational games are a great way to teach kids important concepts as well as keep them motivated as learning seldom becomes monotonous. Visual representation and graphics make kids retain concepts for a longer duration. Printable worksheets allow them to learn and practice for hours.

Fourth Grade Computer Games

Animated lesson plans, educational games and activities are becoming beneficial learning tools. Simplified concepts, better representation, colorful graphics, and add-on features help kids to retain concepts with more clarity.

Fifth Grade Computer Games

Educational games, lesson plans and exercises are a great tool to help kids build stronger foundation in academics. As each lesson bears a sense of newness, kids never get bored out of it. Colorful graphics and pictorial representation help them recall, remember and memorize concepts with ease.

Math Games

Emphasis is on making math understandable to kids. Fun and play activities connect math concepts to real life situations. Lessons encourage thinking and inquiry. They introduce and develop math skills at each individual kid’s pace of learning.

Language Games

Kids learn to read confidently and independently, appropriate to their reading level. They begin to use a wide and vivid vocabulary. Fun games and activities help to understand the elements of the language and learn essential skills.

Science Games

A program that encourages the curiosity of kids. Their inquiring minds develop an understanding of the world and their responsibility towards saving the environment. Interactive fun activities help kids learn scientific concepts and skills.

Puzzles Games

Puzzles make learning a challenging, enriching and enjoyable activity for kids. Puzzle games are child friendly and support the development of skills in all cognitive areas in relevant ways. They are designed to be a rich source of learning for kids.

Jigsaw Games

Jigsaw puzzle games are a great tool to learning. They help kids learn curriculum based content in all subjects. Kids enjoy hours of endless fun with these online jigsaw puzzles while improving their knowledge and logical thinking skills.

We apply the concepts of math almost everywhere and everyday. Math is the study of quantity, shape, structure and arrangement. Hence, it is essential for kids to learn math in order to have knowledge about them.

English is one of the most widely used language in the world thus making it essential to learn it. Kids can begin with phonics and rhyming words but to have good command of the language, vocabulary and grammar knowledge is extremely essential

There is science behind everything. The popular saying proves the importance of the subject. Science is the systematic study that is based on observation and experiment. Kids must study science to have knowledge of facts and to develop logical thinking.

Kids Online Games offers a large selection of graded online games in all curriculum subjects. Kids learn many important lessons and concepts through them. Early understanding prevents kids from experiencing future struggles grasping new concepts. The emphasis is to develop and build critical skills and a broad-based educational foundation to succeed in school. Kids are active participants in building their own knowledge and not just passive recipients. Once kids realize a game is fun, they'll want to play it over and over again therefore being educated a lot quicker.

Our interactive educational games cater to kids of Pre-K to Grade 2. They maximize opportunities for acquiring and applying a range of skills in all cognitive areas in relevant ways. Our games stimulate the kid’s mind and help to improve speed of thought and memory retention. They help to improve hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and even communication skills. They accelerate learning as they expand young children's access to new content for exploration, experimentation and mastery. They are equipped with sound, to enhance understanding. They are a powerful tool for learning.

Our games are engrossing, absorbing and empowering. They enhance real-world experiences. Through play kids develop an in-depth understanding of the underlying concepts of various themes and topics. Active involvement in the game helps kids to understand the key concepts of form and function of things. They help them to understand change, its cause and its effect. Kids learn to interpret, analyze and see things and situations from different perspectives and take informed decisions to reach their goals. Our online games help kids gain self confidence and inculcate a taste for graphics, design and technology. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.