Free Games for Kids

We believe learning should be as fun as possible for young kids. Kids should have access to all kinds of learning techniques, and enjoy the process of learning. At Turtle Diary, we make this easy for you by offering you a large variety of educational games for kids covering mathematics, language arts, science, and many other subjects. Teachers also like to have such tools with them to get kids motivated into learning new things, while enjoying the process. This way, kids are properly invested in their education, and care enough about it to make a good effort. Turtle Diary presents an amazing range of free games for kids. They are grouped based on topics here, to make it even easier for you to find the right tools to boost your kids' or students' learning process. These games not only present and test important concepts, but also build confidence and planning skills of kids from a tender age. So, let's get the fun learning started!
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Make learning fun and easy for toddlers with the help of engaging animations and catchy videos explaining concepts in simplified manner.

Preschool Games

Find animated games and skill-building activities to suit tender minds of children, yet giving their education a great head-start.

Kindergarten Games

Kids are curious, and we tap this curiosity for their benefit by providing interactive games and activities to develop their skills and concepts.

Grade-1 Games

We consider kids competent and encourage their curiosity by giving innovative games and activities for rich and thorough learning process.

Grade-2 Games

Kids are given the right stimulus by means of extensive, delightful games targeted at enhancing their thinking and problem solving skills.

Grade-3 Games

We provide online games to keep kids engaged and motivated for learning without it becoming a chore. Visually appealing ways are used to reinforce learning.

Grade-4 Games

Educational games as learning tools use simplified concepts, alluring graphics, and other features so that kids learn better and retain what they learn.

Grade-5 Games

These games help build a stronger learning foundation for kids using brilliant graphics, innovative gameplay, and simplified concepts.

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Math Games

To make math easy and friendly for kids, we use fun activities and interesting gameplay to let them develop their thinking capability at their own pace.

Language Arts Games

To help kids read and write confidently, and give them an impressive vocabulary, fun games and activities are used, giving them strong language skills.

Science Games

To encourage the curiosity of kids, and make them aware of the world around them, science games use fun ways to test and build scientific concepts.

Puzzles Games

Puzzle games help develop children’s cognitive skills in many diverse ways, while being a rich source of academic learning.

Jigsaw Games

Jigsaw games ensure hours of great fun while helping build children’s logical reasoning and planning skills that will benefit them well into future.

Fun Games for Kids

Games as learning tools serve many purposes at once. They help students learn skills in a fun way that could otherwise be boring. They also present real-life scenarios to give students an idea about how this learning is going to benefit them in near and far future. They build hand-eye coordination, reasoning skills, planning, and strategic thinking. They keep students properly motivated and invested in learning, so that they make the extra effort and take initiative in mastering a concept. Turtle Diary brings you a great range of games, categorized in topics here. This makes it even easier for you to find what you need to push your child's education in the right direction. These games cover many educational areas, namely language arts, mathematics, and science, among others. Browse through, and play these exciting games with the kids, and see their skills and confidence soar right before your eyes. © 2015. All Rights Reserved.