Free Games for Kids

Learning can be fun and motivating with online games. Free educational games for kids on Turtle Diary offer educational learning games for all ages. The activities that are available include those in many subject areas, such as reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. Many educators use a variety of games in the classrooms to further enhance the learning of many subjects, and parents take advantage of them to assist with new skills at home. A great way to keep students motivated for school, activities like this are can boost their confidence in a fun and interactive way. They also are perfect for remediation for children that are having a difficult time grasping a skill, or for enrichment for those that need to be challenged educationally. Teachers like using free games for kids because they allow for this differentiation and adaptability of lessons with small-groups or individual children. They also allow for students to build self-confidence while having a great time!
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Interesting animated videos to lay a strong educational foundation for toddlers. Catchy video presentation makes learning easy, engaging and fun for kids. Simplified concepts help kids grasp and understand better.

Preschool Games

Promotes the idea that learning is fun. Animated games and activities build skills that kids need, to succeed in school. The simple approach suits a child’s tender mind. A program to give kids an early head-start to their education.

Kindergarten Games

A broad based program to develop a kid’s natural curiosity. It gives an insight into the world they live in. It lays the foundation for all future learning. Interactive games and activities impart knowledge and develop concepts and skills.

Grade-1 Games

Kids are seen as competent and are encouraged to be curious. Lively and informative lessons, innovative fun games and activities provide a rich source of learning to first graders. They instill and develop critical concepts and skills in kids.

Grade-2 Games

Lessons have a fresh and stimulating approach. Extensive fun games, activities and worksheets enhance the ability to think and solve problems. Besides gaining knowledge kids get an opportunity to apply it in real life situations.

Grade-3 Games

Online educational games are a great way to teach kids important concepts as well as keep them motivated as learning seldom becomes monotonous. Visual representation and graphics make kids retain concepts for a longer duration. Printable worksheets allow them to learn and practice for hours.

Grade-4 Games

Animated lesson plans, educational games and activities are becoming beneficial learning tools. Simplified concepts, better representation, colorful graphics, and add-on features help kids to retain concepts with more clarity.

Grade-5 Games

Educational games, lesson plans and exercises are a great tool to help kids build stronger foundation in academics. As each lesson bears a sense of newness, kids never get bored out of it. Colorful graphics and pictorial representation help them recall, remember and memorize concepts with ease.

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Math Games

Emphasis is on making math understandable to kids. Fun and play activities connect math concepts to real life situations. Lessons encourage thinking and inquiry. They introduce and develop math skills at each individual kid’s pace of learning.

Language Arts Games

Kids learn to read confidently and independently, appropriate to their reading level. They begin to use a wide and vivid vocabulary. Fun games and activities help to understand the elements of the language and learn essential skills.

Science Games

A program that encourages the curiosity of kids. Their inquiring minds develop an understanding of the world and their responsibility towards saving the environment. Interactive fun activities help kids learn scientific concepts and skills.

Puzzles Games

Puzzles make learning a challenging, enriching and enjoyable activity for kids. Puzzle games are child friendly and support the development of skills in all cognitive areas in relevant ways. They are designed to be a rich source of learning for kids.

Jigsaw Games

Jigsaw puzzle games are a great tool to learning. They help kids learn curriculum based content in all subjects. Kids enjoy hours of endless fun with these online jigsaw puzzles while improving their knowledge and logical thinking skills.

Fun Games for Kids

Kids love games, and when they are educational, teachers and parents love them, too! Games and fun activities can also be beneficial to the learning process as the students enhance many developmental skills, such as social-emotional, physical development, and intellectual development. They can be enjoyed in the classroom with their peers between lessons or during lessons as a follow-up activity. They can be online, such as on Turtle Diary, or by way of board games or any other types of manipulative games, such as strategy games. These games enhance the learning of new material because they are easy to understand and make learning fun. When learning is fun, kids can absorb more information! The skills learned from these games can be carried over into other subject areas, as well. These games can be enjoyed in many educational areas, such as language arts, math, social studies, science, and health. They can also be enjoyed as physical activity, such as in physical education. Fun games are the perfect way to spice up any rainy day or academic lesson for the kids! © 2015. All Rights Reserved.