The "Little Picasso" Art Contest Is Back!
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Enter Contest and win an iPad or $500 cash card. "Earth Day" Contest COMING SOON (01st April, 2015 - 30th April, 2015) Create an artefact on the theme of Earth Day, such as a lively 3-D model of Earth, or something using recycled trash items, or anything else you like on the theme. The Top Student entry wins an iPad Mini and teacher of Most Popular Class wins a $500 cash card. Know more about the Earth Day Contest Rules Download Flyer
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"Design Your Own Money" Contest CLOSED Design and submit to us your 'self-designed' U.S Dollar bill to win an iPad Mini. Also, the teacher of the Most Popular Class gets to win $500 cash card. So, unleash your wildest imagination and bag the goodies before someone else does! SHOW WINNERS
"Design your Own Money" Contest
We'll be announcing the winners soon...
"Little Picasso Art" Contest Grades up to 5 CLOSED Create an artwork (hand-drawn or digital) out of the themes given and express your love for it through colors and sketching. Upload it on our website. The more your art speaks for itself, the higher are your chances to take home a gleaming iPad Air or an Android Tablet! SHOW WINNERS
"Little Picasso Art" Contest Congratulations to our winners!
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