Learning Games for Kids

Educational games from TurtleDiary have the value of pure entertainment, with the advantage of enhancing children's minds. They are an ideal way for students to get more involved in what they learned in school, in any subject. Kids can use the games online or in a group activity within the classroom. Teachers utilizing the technique of learning through games will help them with the acquisition of knowledge from their daily lessons by organizing the games and facilitating the games as the children play them. Teachers plan these educational activities within their daily lessons to enhance the learning or for remediation of a particular concept. Students can play these learning games in school or at home to increase their understanding of new content and skills.
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Math Games

Emphasis is on making math understandable to kids. Fun and play activities connect math concepts to real life situations. Lessons encourage thinking and inquiry. They introduce and develop math skills at each individual kid’s pace of learning.

Language Arts Games

Kids learn to read confidently and independently, appropriate to their reading level. They begin to use a wide and vivid vocabulary. Fun games and activities help to understand the elements of the language and learn essential skills.

Science Games

A program that encourages the curiosity of kids. Their inquiring minds develop an understanding of the world and their responsibility towards saving the environment. Interactive fun activities help kids learn scientific concepts and skills.

Puzzles Games

Puzzles make learning a challenging, enriching and enjoyable activity for kids. Puzzle games are child friendly and support the development of skills in all cognitive areas in relevant ways. They are designed to be a rich source of learning for kids.

Jigsaw Games

Jigsaw puzzle games are a great tool to learning. They help kids learn curriculum based content in all subjects. Kids enjoy hours of endless fun with these online jigsaw puzzles while improving their knowledge and logical thinking skills.

Educational Learning Games for Kids

The online games from TurtleDiary are played for educational purposes and these games are beneficial to the development of a child’s skills and concepts. Teachers use these activities to aid in the learning process through play. A great way to keep students motivated during the school day, this form of teaching helps when a student is having difficulty understanding the new material taught. They can help them increase their understanding with ease by using colorful, highly interactive, and self-correcting games. Informational and fun games allow the students to get the practice they need, without the stress and the students enjoy the interactive games because they are on their specific level. This differentiation of the specific educational learning games for kids that are offered allow for students to learn at their own pace.

Classroom Learning Games for Kids

Classroom learning games for kids are games in which are played during the school day. These games are usually facilitated by a teacher and can be done with the whole class at once or within small-group instruction. Teachers may also play the game with individual students. These activities can be in the mode of board games, card games, or any other type of manipulative activity, and they teach the children many skills, such as proper turn taking, counting, matching, and strategy techniques. They also can be incorporated into many educational concepts, such as math, language arts, social studies, or science. There are many games available at TurtleDiary that can be used in the classroom, and the students enjoy playing them as a change of pace to the typical learning activities. Teachers utilize them because they keep the students motivated and have fun while grasping important skills, and these games also prepare the students educationally and developmentally for upcoming skills that are to be learned within their grade level.
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