1st Grade Games

First grade is an important milestone for kids. Our innovative online learning games teach kids reading and writing. First grade children are introduced to time, money, and the meaning of numbers. Common science lessons include water, weather, space, the parts of the human body, and identifying characteristics of plants and animals. The first grade activities introduce science experiments to children that are stimulating and provocative.
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First Grade Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are an easy and fun way to keep your children occupied and learning at the same time. Tinkering with the right puzzle can grab your child's attention and help them develop more patience and improve their attention span. Indeed, our puzzle games help inspire better problem solving skills and reasoning skills in kids. Problem solving involves persistence and creative thinking. Kids must learn to assess a situation and figure out the right approach. Valuable lessons are learned through trial and error.

Kids learn basic problem-solving strategies of persistence, and looking for patterns, similarities, and differences. The more a child plays puzzle games, the more the child strengthens his/her problem solving skills. Online puzzles help kids to think critically in order to solve the puzzle thus making them sharp and intelligent at the same time. These skills are relevant to all the subject areas, in school and in a lifelong learning process. Kids become competent to inquire, analyze, interpret, gain knowledge, improve memory and recall at great speed.

We have wide variety of puzzles designed specifically to help develop a child's memory. By playing puzzle games, our first graders learn important problem solving, reasoning and critical thinking skills. The sheer number and variety of our puzzle games are engaging as they help children learn and remember important ideas and skills in reading, math, science, art, social studies, and achieve their academic goals. A significant difference is noticeable in achievement levels of kids who play puzzle games and those who do not. Kids enjoy hours of endless fun with our puzzle games while acquiring and applying a range of cognitive skills.
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