Science Games for 1st Grade

Encourage your kids to question and explore the world around them, through our online science games for first grade. Animated science lessons for first grade will teach kids about the space, food chain, human body parts, dinosaurs, reptiles, amphibians, rocks, water, earth, computers and more. The wide range of educational science activities and simple science experiments will quench kids' curiosity about various scientific phenomena and help them develop a love for the natural and physical world.

First Grade Science Games

As children move on to first grade, they are curious about the world around them. Not only that, they are also more willing and able to learn, which is why offers more in-depth science worksheets for children in first grade. The best way for children to learn about science is through the science activities we offer that make it easy for parents and teachers to teach children about all the basics of life.

Life Sciences

Children in first grade are often curious about the human body. At, we expand on the body parts and their functions by introducing the topic of personal hygiene. Young children often aren't on top of their personal hygiene. These lesson plans can instill the importance of this topic among young children so they can quiz healthy habits at home and at school. We also offer worksheets and lesson plans on other life science topics, such as the life cycle of plants and the life cycle of animals, helping children grasp how the world works.

Other Sciences

Life science isn't the only area in which young children are curious about the world around them. This is why our science worksheets also focus on other elements that are a part of life. For instance, the solar system is something that is often intriguing to young children. The food chain and the water cycle are also popular topics among children who are just getting started in their school career. When you present children with a wealth of information on the science topics that interest them, they have a higher chance of being more successful. © 2015. All Rights Reserved.