Second Grade Games

In second grade, most children quiz skills learned in earlier grades and begin to use them with ease. Our learning games for second graders introduce them to addition, subtraction and multiplication. The science games help them learn about the Earth, its natural resources and how we use them to get energy. The games help the kids to build up their self esteem and confidence. The worksheets and activities enhance the ability to think and solve problems.
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Second Grade Puzzle Games

Researchers say noticeable differences have been found in spatial (ability to think about objects in three dimensions) and math skills when children are encouraged to use puzzle play to work out reasoning problems. Kids who learn through puzzle games perform better than those who do not. These games help reinforce logic, critical thinking, visualization and creativity. Kids who are good at puzzles are able to gather information, assess a situation, and easily find a quick solution to a problem. Puzzle games also help children achieve goals and have something to be proud of.

Our interactive puzzle games can help keep kids engaged and interested in learning new concepts. Puzzle games for second graders teach higher level problem solving and critical thinking skills. Puzzles are a great way for kids to begin learning through the scientific method of: observe, hypothesize, test and conclude. Kids develop an appreciation of the creativity in a puzzle. Puzzles found in our games are challenging and often require repeated attempts in order to solve. The persistence needed to return to challenging puzzles, after repeated failures, is a great lesson for kids.

Many kids have a math phobia. Puzzle games are probably the easiest way to get kids to quiz math. When they play puzzle games that require them to think so as to solve the puzzle, the fear of math slowly fades away and helps in making math an interesting subject. In fact, puzzle games can hold a kids interest longer than using traditional pen and paper worksheets. Education experts have recommended that people should play these games more often due to their advantages. Researchers have found that puzzle play improves STEM education -- science, technology, engineering and math. Our puzzle games help to develop capabilities to do well in academic life and beyond. © 2015. All Rights Reserved.