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English Memory

English vocabulary can be increased by learning and practicing the correct usage of new words.

1. Homophone Words: A word that is pronounced like another word but has a different spelling and meaning is called a homophone.

'wait' and 'weight' sound the same but have a different spelling and a different meaning.
wait means 'to stay where you are'
weight means 'how heavy somebody or something is'.

2. Antonyms: Words that mean the opposite of another word are known as antonyms.

Example: black - white

3. Compound words: Words formed by joining two or more simple words to make one larger word are known as compound words.

Example: moon + light = moonlight

4. Genders: Nouns are generally referred to as masculine gender (male) and feminine gender (female).

There are three ways of forming the feminine gender of nouns.

(i) By adding -ess or -ine to the masculine.

lion - lioness
hero - heroine

Sometimes the spelling has to be changed slightly before adding -ess.

actor - actress

(ii) By using an entirely different word.
boy - girl

(iii) By prefixing or suffixing a word.
grandfather - grandmother
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