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Find the Nouns in the Paragraph

Everything around us has a name. People, animals, places and things have names that we call nouns. Nouns are also called naming words. Mother, father, cow, pig, table, book, school are all 'naming words' or 'nouns'.
What are you sitting on? Are you sitting on a 'chair'? Say the word''CHAIR' out aloud. This is its name or 'naming word'. It can not eat and drink or move. It has no life. It is a thing.
Whenever you read the word 'CHAIR' you see a picture of a chair, in front of your eyes. You also know that you use the chair when you want to sit. What things can you see around you? Call out their names. These names, of the things around you, are their naming words.
There are many people who help us. A 'teacher' helps you to study in school. Say the word 'TEACHER'. Whenever you read this word you know that it is the naming word for the person who helps you to study in school. Think about the people who help you every day and those who help you sometimes.
Which animals have you seen? Have you seen a cat or a dog? These are naming words for animals. When you read the word 'CAT' you know what kind of animal it is. Think about the animals that you see in a zoo. The names of the animals that you see are their naming words or nouns.
Where do you go to study? Yes! You go to school to study. School is a naming word for a place. Which city do you live in? The name of that city is its naming word or noun. Can you think of more places? The names of all these places are called nouns.
Naming Words:
Things - Chair, Pen
Person - Driver, Teacher
Animal - Cat, Dog
Places - School, Home © 2014. All Rights Reserved.