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Horse family

Horses, zebras and donkeys belong to this family. The members of this family can run very fast and they run on their tiptoes. Any member of this family can be called an 'equid'.  All the members of this family are herbivorous and feed on only grasses or plant matter.

Horse family animals have hairs or fur on their bodies and are warm-blooded. They give birth to young ones and the mother produces milk for the baby.

All horses have one toe surrounded by a hoof. The hard hoof protects the toe of the animal. All horses have long tails and manes. Male horses are called 'stallions' while females are called 'mares'.

Zebras are striped horses and they live in large herds. They are found only in Africa. Nobody exactly knows why do they have stripes, but like our fingerprints, each zebra's stripes are different from the other. 'Zebra crossing' is named after zebra's black and white stripes. Unlike horses and donkeys, zebras have never been truly domesticated so far. .

Donkeys are smaller than horses and have much longer ears. Wild donkeys are also known as 'burros'. In some countries, donkeys are commonly used as working animals for carrying goods and loads. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.