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Marsupial Family

Kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, opossums, wombats, Tasmanian devil and numbats belong to this family.

The common feature of the members of this family is that most of them have pouches for carrying their babies. This means that their babies are born, as small as beans, straight into the pouch. They do most of their growing in the pouch, instead of in their mother's womb.

Marsupial family animals have hairs or fur on their bodies and are warm-blooded. They give birth to young ones and the mother produces milk for the baby.

Kangaroo and wallaby babies are commonly known as 'joeys'. A kangaroo is a bouncing marsupial. It can't walk but can move very fast by leaping. Red kangaroo is the largest marsupial in the world.

Koalas look like little bears. They live in Australia and are the only animal that eats eucalyptus leaves. Opossums are expert tree climbers. The Virginia opossum is the only marsupial found naturally in the United States and Canada.

Numbat is the marsupial that has the most teeth of any mammal. It has a total of 52 teeth, while we humans have only 32! It is also known as marsupial anteater.

The Tasmanian devil is a very aggressive marsupial. It is the biggest meat-eating marsupial that has a sharp set of teeth and powerful jaws. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.