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The perimeter is the distance around the outside of an object. The perimeter is found by adding the lengths of all of the sides of the object together.  

For example,
The perimeter of this square is, 7 +7 +7 + 7 = 28 units.
So, to find the perimeter of a polygon, you would just add the length of all sides together.

What is a Polygon?

  • It’s a closed plane shape
  • It has straight sides
  • The sides do not cross and exactly two sides meet.

Remember: Perimeter of the polygon = Add the length of all sides

Lets look at few examples

(1) You are having a picnic and ants walk around the outside of the blanket you are sitting on. You measure the sides of the blanket and add them together to figure out how far the ants walked.

The Perimeter of the blanket is = 8ft + 6ft + 8ft + 6ft = 28ft.

(2) You are making a card for you parents. You want to put yarn around the outside of the card. You measure the sides to find out how much yarn you need.

The Perimeter of the card is = 6 inches + 4 inches + 4 inches + 6 inches = 20 inches. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.