Lean Vowels Through Some Amazing Games

A wide range of educational games that will teach kids the long and short vowel sounds in words. Knowledge of vowels is essential to correctly read or write sentences and these games will help kids improve their reading and writing skills. These games are grade specific and each game is designed to meet the educational needs of kids of that grade. Each game contains an educational lesson and practice exercises, given at the end. Kids will enjoy the lesson as well as the practice exercises that will help them reinforce their knowledge of vowels.

Learn Vowel Sounds

Kids who are learning to read, must be familiar with the sound of the letters especially the sounds of the vowels. Vowel sounds give words their volume. Through these games, kids will learn vowel letters, long and short vowel sounds and short and long vowel words. These games offer exercises where kids have to recognize the short and long vowel words. Knowledge of vowel sounds will make kids correctly pronounce the words and this will tremendously improve their reading skills.

Develop Reading Skills

Being able to correctly read a text is as important as being able to write or speak. Often children get too involved with only writing exercises that they completely ignore their reading skills. The ability to correctly pronounce or read shows that a child has thorough knowledge of the subject. Good reading skills can only come when a child knows the sound each alphabet represents. Our vowel games will help kids learn and understand vowel sounds, which in turn will develop and improve their reading skills.

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