Educational Videos for Kids

"Remove the small descriptions under the icons under the "Select Videos by Grade" and "Selet Videos by Subject" page sections. Once that content is removed, move the content from the bottom of the page under the current content at the top of the page. Reword the content to read: "Our range of educational videos for kids span over a variety of math, science, and language arts subjects. They introduce children to activities that assist in intellectual growth and development. The learning videos for kids are categorized by grade level, preschool to fifth grade. They are also categorized by subjects ranging from numbers, colors, and phonics to life cycles, animals, and personal hygiene. At Turtle Diary, we understand how useful educational videos are for children of all ages. When information is presented in a fun manner, kids are more eager to learn, making it easier for them to absorb and process information throughout their school years and beyond."
Pre-kindergarten has alluring animated videos to lay a strong educational foundation for kids. The catchy video presentations make learning easy, engaging, and fun. Simplified concepts further help in a better grasp, thereby making kids understand concepts better.
One step up! Concepts become a visual treat with the help of videos that explain the basics of any topic with a long lasting approach. Even the toughest concepts that are difficult to pick at this stage, have been taken care of like never before.
Scholarly animated videos that give even the dullest corners of a child's brain a spark. Be it those monstrous mathematical concepts, or those confusing language rules, or those mind boggling science theories, everything has been simplified by the medium of enticing videos which make learning sheer fun.
Some rules or approaches put a child's mind into a flummox at this stage. For this, these videos, that cover each and every critical concept with the help of florid animations, will prove to be an appropriate guide for a student's twitching brain.
Learning has taken an all new avatar. These videos are a perfect concoction of learning and fun. Furnished with visually pleasing animations and illustrations, these videos can be the best medium for a child to get a better understanding of the topics that have been vexing them till now.
Click, watch, and learn! These three simple steps are taking learning by storm. How? With the help of enchanting videos that deal with the concepts covered in this grade which have been dealt in such a way that they seep into a child's brain with a cinch. Try for yourself now!
What? Why? How? These are the questions that a student at this stage is often seen thinking about, and these videos come all handy at that very time. The tedious concepts of math, language, and science have been shaped into engaging videos that simplify those concepts to make learning all the more merrier.
Mastering the rules, the concepts, and the intricacies of the english language can be at times a dull experience. But here, the focus is on making language arts an easy sweep. Every child's needs, level of understanding, and the common questions that they can put up, have been well dealt in the videos in this subject. Have a look!
Emphasis is on making math more amiable to kids. With the help of fun and play activities that connect math concepts to real life situations, the videos in this subject encourage thinking and inquiry. They introduce and develop math skills according to every kid's pace of learning. Math and merry finally go hand in hand!
Nothing can beat the experience of watching a science concept come to life. Here, each and every scientific and environmental phenomena, from preschool to fifth grade, has been well demonstrated with the help of enticing videos that not only facilitate easy learning, but also assures hours of entertainment.

Free Videos for Kids

Young children love to watch videos. If you have ever seen your child watch a favorite cartoon or kid's television show, you know how easily it can capture their attention. You may have also noticed how much of the show they actually remember, even days, weeks or months later. At, we understand how useful kid's educational videos can be for children of all ages. When information is presented in a fun manner, kids are even more eager to learn, making their education an easier process throughout their school years and beyond.

Educational Videos for Kids

Our educational videos for kids cover a wide range of topics. For instance, if you are trying to teach your young child about numbers, we offer a video that teaches numbers, setting a solid foundation for your child's future in math. We also offer educational videos that will encourage your child to learn to read. When it comes to science videos for kids, we offer a vast array of videos that teach everything from the five senses and body parts to farm animals, the solar system and the seasons. This can spark an interest in science that will last your child a lifetime.

Free Online Videos for Kids

The best part about the educational videos we provide for parents and teachers is they are free. You won't need to worry about paying a subscription fee. Our free educational videos will serve as the perfect supplement to the education your children are already receiving at school and at home. © 2015. All Rights Reserved.