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Hi Kids!
Let us have a look at some fruits that taste great. Each type of fruit looks and tastes different. Its cool to eat fruits and be healthy too.
These are strawberries. They are small, red, heart-shaped berries covered with hundreds of tiny seeds.
Strawberries are juicy, sweet and extremely delicious and are one of the most enjoyed fruits.
This is a watermelon. The fruit is green or yellow from the outside and red, sweet and juicy from the inside. It contains many small, black seeds. Watermelons are very refreshing and are best enjoyed in hot summer days.
These are grapes. They grow in bunches and can be green, red, black, orange, pink or dark blue in color. They can be sweet or sour in taste. Grapes are enjoyed fresh and are also used for making the yummy jams and jellies that you enjoy!
This is an apple. This one here is red and juicy. There are many different types of apples and not all are red in color. Some of them are of green or golden color. Apples are very good for health. They keep us fit and strong as they contain antioxidants which prevent damage to cells. There is famous saying 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away".
This is a banana. It has a thick skin that needs to be peeled off before you can eat it. Not all bananas are yellow in color. There are many which come in red and green colors as well. Bananas are a good source of energy as they have high sugar concentration.
This is a mango. Mangoes are yellow or green in color and they are very sweet, juicy and delicious in taste. They have a huge seed inside, which cannot be eaten. The sweet taste of mangoes is best enjoyed when eaten raw. Mangoes are also used to make yummy mango smoothies and ice creams for hot summers.


These are cherries- one of the most popular fruits of all time. Cherries are small and deep red in color and are very tasty. They have a small, hard seed inside which cannot be eaten. Cherries make excellent toppings on cakes, pastries, pies and ice creams sundaes!
This is a pear. Pears come in different colors from yellow and green to red and brown. They are also found in different sizes and shapes. Pears are a sweet fruit which are used in many salads.
This is an orange. Like its name, it is orange in color and is very juicy! It has a sharp tangy taste and is often used to add flavor to many dishes and desserts. Freshly squeezed orange juice is very healthy and refreshing.
This is a plum. It comes in different colors like deep red, pink and purple. Plums are sweet in taste and are used to make the delicious plum cake that you all so enjoy.
These are blueberries.As the name suggests, these are blue in color and are small and round. They grow in bunches on small bushes. Blueberries are used in many desserts like muffins, cakes and pies.

To stay fit and healthy, we should eat a balanced diet. It should include fruits and vegetables of different colors. They prevent us from falling ill. They heal us when we get hurt. It's a good idea to put some fruit and vegetable in every meal. Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy! © 2014. All Rights Reserved.