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Kindergarten Science Activities

Through our science activities for kindergarten, kids will venture into the natural world and learn about their environment. Our kindergarten science lessons and learning games are specially designed to answer kids' questions about the natural world. Kids will learn about animals, human body, life cycles, computers, seasons, and lots more, through animated science lessons and online educational games. Kids will gain a deeper understanding of their surroundings, in a simple and fun way.

Kindergarten Science Games

Many people don't think of science when they think of kindergarten. While children certainly aren't going to learn about physics or anything else that heavy, they will begin learning about themselves and the world around them. Our science lesson plans and science activities at are geared toward young children who are eager to learn about the world around them. Instilling a love of science and learning in kindergarten students is one of the best things you can do for them. Fulfilling their curiosity shows them how important learning can be.

The Human Body

Kindergarteners are curious about their own bodies and how they work. This makes it a good time to teach information relating to the body, such as the five human senses. While most children already know some of this information, you will be feeding their curiosity and love of learning by focusing on themselves. We also offer body parts games for children to help them identify the basic human body parts.


Another great area to cover with kindergarten students is science activities that relate to nature. Young children are curious about the world around them and how it works. How does a plant grow? Where do butterflies come from? Why does it rain? These are all questions young children are prone to ask, at least in their minds. Our science lesson plans and worksheets focus on these issues and many more so you can help children satisfy all their questions about the world around them. © 2015. All Rights Reserved.