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Body Parts


This is me, from my head to my toes.
Here is my hair that grows on my head.
Here are my eyes to see things around.
Here are my ears to hear loud sounds.
Here is my nose with which I can smell.
Here is my mouth with my white teeth inside.
Here is my chin, and here are my cheeks.
Here is my neck which helps me turn my head.
Here are my shoulders to carry my bag.
Here is my chest and I cover it with my vest.
Here are my hands to hug my teddy bear.
Here is my stomach. I can hear it rumbling when I am hungry.
Here are my hips. I sit on my hips.
Here are my legs with which I can walk and run.


This is my face and it is round in shape.
This is my head that is covered with hair.
This is my forehead just below my head.
These are my eyes and I have 2 eyebrows above them.
My eye has two eyelids and many eyelashes.
This is my mouth with white teeth inside. My teeth help me to chew food.
This is my tongue and I taste food with my tongue.
These are my lips. I speak with my lips.


These are my hands which do many things.
This is my arm which gives strength to my hand.
This is my forearm which connects the elbow and the wrist.
This is my elbow. Elbow joins the forearm and the upper arms. It helps me to fold my hand.
These are fingers. There are 5 fingers in each hand.
These fingers are called a thumb, pointing finger, middle finger, ring finger and pinky finger.
This is a nail. The nail is at the tip of my finger.
This is a palm to touch and feel things around us.
This is a wrist. Wrist joins the hand with the forearm. This helps me to move my hand.


These are my legs. I walk and run with my legs.
This is a thigh. Thigh is the upper part of the leg which connects the hip and the knee.
This is my calf. Calf is the back portion of the lower leg.
This is my shin. Shin is the front part of the leg below the knee and above the ankle.
This is my ankle. Ankle joins the foot with the leg and helps to move the foot.
This is my knee. Knee joins the thigh and the lower leg which helps me to fold my leg.
This is my foot on which I stand and walk.
This is my heel. Heel is the back part of the foot below the ankle.
These are my toes at the end of my foot. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.