Math Games for Kids

Math is often considered as a subject to be feared. However, our primary Math games for kids and lessons make learning numbers fun and easy. Through animated math lessons young learners are introduced to the concepts of numbers, shapes, sizes, directions and positions. For older kids, our fun math activities seek to develop and enhance basic math skills. Kids can practice skip counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, money counting, and much more with these educational math games.
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Make Math Fun

Math is one of those subjects that tend to be overwhelming to children of all ages. Rather than allowing your child to become overwhelmed by the concepts behind the math basics, make math fun with the free online games here at Fun math games are not meant just for those who are struggling; they can be used for any child who could use reinforcement in their skills. The fun math games for kids featured on this site can be used to teach new concepts or reinforce concepts already learned.

Math Games for Kindergarten

Kindergartners learn many new math concepts, including the introduction to addition and subtraction and skip counting, as well as telling time and counting coins. When teachers include our fun math games for kids in their lesson plans to supplement what is taught in the classroom, kids are much more willing to learn. Our children's math games are engaging, fun and non-threatening, allowing children to perfect their math skills without feeling pressured.

Math Games for 1st Grade

First graders start to explore more extensive math concepts, including sorting, ordering, probability and even word problems. Learning these new concepts in a fun way is the best way to slowly introduce 1st graders to the complicated world of math. Whether your child uses our games at school in addition to the curriculum or parents use it at home as reinforcement of what was learned in school, children will definitely benefit.

Fun for all Ages

Math games for kids are perfect for all ages. It is never too early to introduce kids to the concept of counting and numbers. Children in preschool benefit from learning about numbers by playing fun math games online. Kids of all ages benefit by playing our games or by working on one of our math worksheets for kids that are meant for preschool to 2nd grade. © 2015. All Rights Reserved.