Fourth Grade Practices

Math is often the subject that scares young kids more than all others. This is because they often struggle a lot dealing with abstract notions and rules of mathematics. But they realize early on that they need strong mathematical skills to excel both in school and daily life. So, how to bridge this gap?

Unless mathematical concepts are introduced in the right manner making them interesting and relevant to the daily life of the kid, math will always be a monster in their imagination. Once the kids have the right introduction, what they need is a lot of practice. This helps them get rid of confusions and build a lasting command over these concepts. Practice makes perfect, remember? understands this need and bridges the gap between classroom teaching and home education. We have created thorough and extensive practice sheets with exercises that use questions based on examples familiar to the kids. This way, the kids can work on their own without needing constant presence of grown-ups to help. With practice, they get skilled at what they learn. It builds their confidence for later learning. Knowledge and learning becomes for them something to look forward to. © 2015. All Rights Reserved.