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Preschool Learning Games

Preschool games on TurtleDiary are online games that feature learning about many concepts and children can play on their own or in a group. Preschool teachers incorporate many different social activities into their classrooms; some of these activities are games and these learning methods are a perfect way to develop the children's social skills when played in a group setting. They also play a great role in the children's emotional, physical, and even intellectual development. Playing the online games with an academic purpose assists in the learning process of the students. There are many educational games for the teachers to choose from that can be played with the children, and they all serve a purpose in preschool students' academic day. The students have fun when playing these games, and they learn from them, as well!
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Preschool Learning Games

There are many online learning games that the teachers do with the children. The games can consist of matching, counting, alphabet, songs, shapes, puzzles, and more, and are quite fun to play. Fine motor and gross motor skills are highlighted in preschool learning games so the students can work on these areas of development in conjunction with helping their academic development. These games can be played in a whole-group setting, a small-group setting, or on an individual basis, and can be adapted for all of the students according to their developmental abilities. There are so many preschool games available either online, such as on Turtle Diary, or offline in the classroom or at home. Online preschool learning have a lot to offer in terms of online activities in many subject areas, and give the preschool students the exposure they need to technology.

Preschool Online Games

Preschool games on TurtleDiary are played on the computer in school or at home. Teachers use the online games during different aspects of the day to give the preschool students exposure to technology. There a many beneficial computer activities that can be enjoyed by the students. Turtle Diary offers many of these games in the areas of mathematics (abacus, shapes, numbers, matching, patterns, and more) and in reading (alphabet, phonics, phonemic awareness, word families, sequencing, and others). Turtle Diary also offers a variety of technological play in science, health, and more! They are a fabulous way to get the little ones excited about learning, and to get them off to a great start in school! © 2015. All Rights Reserved.