The "Little Picasso" Art Contest Is Back!
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Phonic Sound

A Apple A red apple.
B Bee A buzzy bee.
C Cat A cute cat.
D Dog A dancing dog.
E Egg A fresh egg.
F Fan A folding fan.
G Goat A gray goat.
H Hat A fancy hat.
I Igloo This is an igloo.
J Jar A jar of candies.
K Kite A flying kite.
L Lion A roaring lion.
M Mug A round mug.
N Nest A big nest.
O Orange A juicy orange.
P Pig A muddy pig.
Q Queen A charming queen.
R Rug A red rug.
S Sun A bright sun.
T Tap A tiny tap.
U Umbrella An open umbrella.
V Van A white van.
W Web A spider's web.
X X-ray An x-ray box.
Y Yak A big black yak.
Z Zip A zipping zip. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.