Science Games for Kids

Children are full of curiosity. Our science games give crucial support for them to be active inquirers in a simple and fun way. Preschool science games teach kids about animal names and their homes, colors, etc. Kindergarteners are taught about seasons, body parts and life cycles. First and second grade science games introduce kids to space, ecosystem, life cycles, and the human body, among other things. Our educational science lessons for kids are engaging and relevant.
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Science is Fun

Science is one subject in school kids typically love to learn. Their general knack for curiosity gets the best of them, making it fun to engage students in all science has to offer. Capitalizing on the fun of science with our fun science activities for kids, as well as science videos for kids, helps further their love for science. It also helps them learn to explore on their own. No child is too young to learn the excitement of kid's science games. We offer science lessons for kids, including science worksheets for kids:, starting in preschool all the way through 2nd grade.

Science for the Younger Grades

Children love to learn new topics they can relate to the outside world. This is why our preschool science games that teach all about animals, their habitats and colors, as well as learning about the five senses, are so well received. Kindergartners also love to learn about science and are at the perfect age to start learning about the life cycle of animals, the human body parts and the various seasons.

First and Second Grade Science Games

First and second graders can start to take part in more in-depth science lessons for kids, including the function of human body parts, the solar system and personal hygiene. First grade science games provide interactive and fun ways to learn about the food chain and the water cycle. Second graders can expand on these topics, learning more details about each of these topics and learning to explore on their own. Providing a science experiment for kids is the best way to help them see with their own eyes the topics that have been learned and reinforced through the games on our website. © 2015. All Rights Reserved.