Adjectives Vs Noun

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Adjective vs Noun

Adjectives and Nouns are both parts of speech, but they are used in different ways.

What’s the Difference?

Adjectives are DESCRIPTIVE words - they tell how someone or something does or is.

Nouns are NAMING words that include people, places, things, and ideas.

How Do They Work Together?

Nouns are described by Adjectives - pretty simple!

There are different types of nouns, but all of them can be described by adjectives. Adjectives make the meaning of a sentence clearer by describing qualities like how big, what color, how many, or what type of thing.

Let’s look at some examples…

  • The handsome President of the United States wore a blue suit.
    The adjective handsome modifies the proper noun President of the United States.

  • The juice is sour .
    The adjective sour modifies the common noun juice to describe its quality.

  • The noisy flock of grey and white seagulls careened onto the sand.
    The adjective noisy modifies the collective noun flock, and the adjective grey and white modify the countable noun seagulls

  • The fourteen cups of sugar were stirred into the hot tea.
    The adjective fourteen describes the noun cups, and the adjective hot describes the noun tea.


Nouns can appear anywhere in a sentence, but adjectives must have a noun or pronoun to modify!

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