Online Games for Kids

Online Games for Kids

At Turtlediary, child experts and educators design games that help in building skills needed for success in school. While playing, kids learn to read with phonics, build skills in math, language, social studies, science and much more.

Early understanding prevents kids from experiencing future struggles grasping new concepts. The emphasis is to develop and build critical skills and a broad-based educational foundation to succeed in school. Kids are active participants in building their own knowledge and not just passive recipients. Once kids realize a game is fun, they'll want to play it over and over again therefore being educated a lot quicker.

Our interactive games maximize opportunities for acquiring and applying a range of skills in all cognitive areas in relevant ways. The games stimulate the kid's mind and help to improve speed of thought and memory retention. They help to improve hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and even communication skills. They accelerate learning as they expand young children's access to new content for exploration, experimentation and mastery. They are a powerful tool for learning.

Through play kids develop an in-depth understanding of the underlying concepts of various themes and topics. Active involvement in the game helps kids to understand the key concepts of form and function of things. They help them to understand change, its cause and its effect. Kids learn to interpret, analyze and see things and situations from different perspectives and take informed decisions to reach their goals. Our online games help kids gain self confidence and inculcate a taste for graphics, design and technology.

Library of 1000+ Free Online Games for Kids to Play

Turtle Diary offers over 1,000 free games online for kids to play from anywhere that has a WiFi connection. Kids have the opportunity to choose their own games which gives them control over their educational growth. What they don’t realize is that each game in Turtle Diary reinforces necessary skills in that particular subject. Games are also scaffolded from grade level to grade level so that students are always reviewing and building.

Kids’ games online are often stale or repetitive, or they offer no educational value. With Turtle Diary, you get high-interest topics, incredible graphics and sound, and multiplayer options. Kids will beg you for more time to play while you know that they are always building on their classroom skills.

Choose Online Free Games for Kids over Video Games

This 21st-century world advertises video games to kids at every turn. Even their phones seem like video games as they interact with their friends and surf through social media. With Turtle Diary, kids can have the best of both worlds.

Both boys and girls will enjoy the wide range of backgrounds for our games. We have everything from princesses to penguins to monster trucks and ninjas.

Turtle Diary’s games constantly reinforce strong educational concepts for kids while video games often only exercise their eye-hand coordination. You can even try calling our games “video games” so students can feel like they’re parallel to their peers. They might not even realize that they are strengthening their learning far beyond what video games can. They will simply excel in their classrooms!

And Turtle Diary’s games and activities are absolutely free for anyone with internet access. Students can keep their devices with them and play while they drive, wait, or just for fun after school. The possibilities are endless!

Add a Spark to Your Kid’s Academic Performance with Award-Winning Games

Educators came together in order to give Turtle Diary games with superior content. All of our games align with Common Core content, meaning students are reinforcing skills learned in the classroom. But they are GAMES!

Students will be eager to play online games that appear like video games. You will know that their time is well-spent working on educational activities that solidify their learning foundation.

Multiplayer games’ action level brings a new component to the educational arena. Kids can play against other kids online or with specific kids from their class with their classroom code. Better yet, they can constantly challenge themselves with timed games or games that have a countdown.

You can be sure that your child is getting the best of the best every award-winning game from Turtle Diary!

Play for Free at Largest & Growing Online Kids Games WebPortal

Video games continue to skyrocket in costs and many have little educational value. Why not give your kids the best of both worlds with free online games that support their learning? With Turtle Diary, you can!

More and more classrooms and families are discovering the powerhouse that is Turtle Diary. Wherever they go, Turtle Diary comes with them to reinforce educational concepts learned in the classroom in fun and relevant ways.

From real-world activities to fantasy characters, Turtle Diary balances imagination with education in a modern, enjoyable way. Kids will love the amazing graphics, entertaining sounds, and high-quality edutainment value of each of our games.

We align with Common Core standards allowing students to constantly reinforce the concepts that they need to move forward. Gone are the days of flashcards and boring memorization. With Turtle Diary, fun and imagination are found at every level, with every click of the mouse!

Games on Every Subject for Elementary School

Having trouble finding ways to help your kids excel in elementary school? Tired of arguing with them about flashcards and studying? Let Turtle Diary help your kids find the fun in education!

From preschool to 5th grade, we have games in every subject at every level in every sublevel. Designed by educators, our games can be the missing piece for your student to find success in the classroom. Finding lessons and games to help students stay motivated with fun will help reinforce those classroom lessons.

We even offer games in typing so that students can be one step ahead in their digital literacy. Typing is a skill not offered until late elementary or middle school. Students can gain this skill starting at about 2nd grade.

Students will start gaining the muscle memory they need for typing. This will propel them ahead of the educational game with just 15 minutes each day for two weeks.

Uncover the Hidden Potential of your Child with Turtle Diary

What if your student seems to be lagging behind in the classroom? What if their energy level just doesn’t match sitting down all day for lectures? Or what if they’re so far ahead educationally that they’re bored in their current classroom? All of these are very real issues for modern students.

Turtle Diary can help to unlock this hidden potential hiding in your child. Giving them something to do with their hands can help to get the fidgeting under control. Students can find the success they need by keeping their mind activated. Our learning games parallel concepts taught in the classroom for maximum mastery.

Gifted learners can play games that actually challenge them because they aren’t limited by a grade level designation. Students can choose whatever games they want to play on Turtle Diary. If it’s too easy, then they can level up to the next grade level.

Turtle Diary offers lots of ways to support your child in their learning. They also might just need a bit of extra practice because the classroom pace is too fast. Our games allow them to move at their own speed and pick games that interest them. Sometimes that makes all the difference!

Share and Have Fun - A Great Way to Learn!

Multiplayer games through Turtle Diary add an extra element of fun. Kids can learn with classroom friends by using a teacher code or they can play with other kids online. A little bit of positive peer pressure can help them gain more confidence in a variety of subject areas.

Race monster trucks! Slash numbers as a ninja! Make baskets as a penguin! Turtle Diary offers tons of games and play options for your student to grow.

Matching themselves against other kids enables them to access their processing skills. They must quickly recall answers that will move them along in the game. This is a great mental muscle to exercise, and an essential one in subjects like mathematics.

Share the fun of learning with friends and challenge them to some games on Turtle Diary. You can still play indoor games with your friends via the internet if you’re next door or across the country!

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