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Fun Science Games for Kids

Our online science games are sure to fulfill your child's sense of curiosity. They introduce kids to basic science concepts in an approachable manner, reinforcing comprehension through engaging and stimulating activities. Using interactive science games creates a unique learning process when combined with conventional teaching methods. At Turtle Diary, we have a vast collection of science kids games covering such topics as the human body, weather, life cycles, animals, and much more. Our games will captivate and hold the attention of your child, creating an unforgettable learning experience.

Science Games
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Grade-Appropriate Games

Each game at Turtle Diary is based on a grade-level. This is to ensure children are learning at the appropriate grade level and the subject matter is not too advanced. This also makes the games challenging, but entertaining.

The animation is bright and colorful in order to catch your child's attention. With the science games offering multiple levels of challenges, your child will not get bored. The subjects covered include various animals, plants, water, matter, sound, parts of the body, dinosaurs, the solar system, and the four seasons.

Improving Memory and Concentration

An excellent byproduct of these interactive games is the improvement of your child's concentration. It takes focus to win these games. Many of the games, including "Animals and Their Babies", are based on memory location. This game uses pictures on cards that your child need flips over in order to match a mother with her baby.

As your child progresses through the science games, he or she may not even realize that these are actually learning games. You will be able to observe your child and discuss the games. You may be surprised at the in-depth answers your child may give you after playing the games for just a short period.