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Fraction Math Games

Turtle Diary's fraction math games are designed to introduce the concept of fractions to kids in an exciting and interactive way. Having a sound knowledge of fractions is essential for studying math, and our offering of fraction games online aim to build a strong foundation that your child will use through school and beyond. Whether exploring the rules, terms, or applications of fractions, young learners will have a blast learning with our interactive and innovative fraction games.

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Kids are visual learners, and the best technique for teaching fractions involves visual images. If a kid is able to visualize a fraction in his/her mind, it becomes more meaningful - not just a number on top of another number without any meaning. Visual learning helps kids see a 'whole' split into fractions, and the part-whole relationships. This way, a kid can estimate the answer before calculating it, and perform many simple operations in his/her head. Use of visual images and games make it simple, easy, and enjoyable to learn the basic concepts and rules of fractions, as it makes much more sense.

Practicing skills

When kids are clear about the basic concepts of fractions, it makes the future topics of how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions much easier to understand. A good basic knowledge of fractions leads to later success in school and beyond. Using familiar examples from real life, our cool fraction lessons, games, and worksheets provide kids with plenty of quiz. The more quiz your child gets, the better he/she will understand the concept, and not consider fractions something that just can't be done. They're real good fun once kids get the hang of them.
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